Dog Breeds & Dog Training : How to House-Train Adult Dogs

Click Here For Available Barkbox Coupon Code and Bonus Offers! <<<<< House-training an adult dog requires crate-training and plenty of positive reinforcement for desired behavior. Prevent an adult dog from having accidents in the house with information from a certified dog behaviorist in this free video on dog breeds. Expert: Eric Dorfman Bio: Eric Dorfman […]

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Quick And Simple Dog Training Strategies

Possessing a dog being a animal could be a very rewarding encounter, however, when a pet dog is inexperienced, it may quickly become a stressful a single. Any dog can be qualified with a bit of perseverance and also the right techniques to teach your pet to follow along with no less than several basic instructions, can certainly make you and the animal more happy and less dangerous. This post can help you plus your canine to start working together to accomplish some basic training.

Medical Marijuana Doctor Inquiry

Colorado Cannabis Convention Experience

Happy Easter!  It's not only Easter, but also the day after the Colorado Cannabis Convention, where people from all over the World experienced cannabis cooking, viewed hemp wedding gowns, spoke with activists, attended classes on legal rights and responsibilities, listened to lawmakers, compared a wide array of pipes, bubblers, vaporizers, had a Dr. exam to obtain a medical marijuana recommendation, became a guest on marijuana radio, learned to grow marijuana, or bought a T-shirt!  There were also vendors who supply services and products to the Dispensaries, such as alarm companies, lawyers, marijuana edibles manufacturers, safe and security companies, insurance companies, printers, artists, web designers, and glass makers.  Not to mention the note comparing on marijuana growing, harvesting techniques, and various new marijuana growing products.    

The convention was a fun and information packed place to learn, compare notes, and view new products.   We had the pleasure of educating some of the attendees, and debating  the proposed medical marijuana legislation, and made many new friends along the way.  

The surprisingly large turnout of both Vendors and Attendees on an  Easter weekend is an indication that the medical marijuana movement has not only rooted itself, but has created many many jobs.  Regardless of your stand on marijuana you have to be thankful for that. 

So on this Easter Sunday we'd like to thank Mother Earth, and the Colorado Cannabis Convention,  for feeding our brains with all the new information we received, and sending many new friends our way! 

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