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The Medical Marijuana Council provides a great deal of information on medical marijuana and studies that have been done regarding marijuana and it's effectiveness and safety with regard to various illnesses.  Most all information they provide is in layperson terms and is extrapolated from scientific studies to help the patient who is considering medical marijuana make a decision. 

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Nederland Decriminalizes Marijuana

Nederland, Colorado became the third Colorado town to legalize marijuana, following Denver's lead in 2005, and Breckenridge in 2009.  Voters in the town approved a ballot measure that removed all local penalties for private adult possession.   More than 54% of voters supported the measure in what the town clerk said was a high voter turnout.

Voters also ousted incumbent Mayor Martin Cheshes, who had vocally oppossed the measure and referred to it as "foolish". 

Durango voters largely supported a statewide initiative to legalize marijuana in 2006 - and they will likely vote on a similar local legalization initiative this November. 

Nederland may be small, however their decision to oust their Mayor has to make you wonder if this is just the beginning of a trend that voters are likely to display as more and more people are getting sick and tired of their elected officials failing to listen to them, especially regarding marijuana reform and the wasted dollars spent, and lives ruined by victimless crime.  It appears marijuana advocates are turning out for elections in higher numbers and making a difference. 

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