Medical Marijuana Council

The Medical Marijuana Council provides a great deal of information on medical marijuana and studies that have been done regarding marijuana and it's effectiveness and safety with regard to various illnesses.  Most all information they provide is in layperson terms and is extrapolated from scientific studies to help the patient who is considering medical marijuana make a decision. 

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Medical Marijuana Doctor Inquiry

Comedy Central Jumps on the Dispensary Bandwagon with a New Dispensary in South Park

There's a new dispensary in South Park.  The South Park TV show that is.  When the family stops for their weekly supply of Kentucky Fried Chicken after their soccer practice, they come to find out the restaurant has been turned into a Medical Marijuana Dispensary.  The kids are upset since that was the only KFC in town, but Dad can't get to the Doctor fast enough to get his Medical Marijuana Recommendation so he can legally buy medical marijuana.   

The South Park Medical Marijuana Dispensary Episode can be seen here:

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